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For help selecting the Software, Hardware or Supplies you need, call Ron at Cole Computers... 800 222-0039 !!!

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This is the order form for EZ_Software.  When you have completed the form, press Submit.  If you have questions about what to order, call Ron at Cole Computer Products (925) 672-9621

Passcodes for the software you order will be emailed to you.  The software itself will be mailed to you on a disk along with an invoice which you should pay by check.  You can use the passcodes immediately by downloading the related programs from our download page.

Orders will be invoiced at the prices in effect at time of shipping.
If you mistakenly order a product that you are already licensed for, you will not be double billed.

Select the EZ components that you would like to order :

$300 EZ Inventory Package
$500 EZ Marketmaster Package
$500 EZ Receiving Package

$400  Basic EZ Terminal Emulation
        $100 EZ Level 18 Upgrade
$200  Eprint - Inventory
$200  Eprint - Receivables
$100  EZ Edit
        $50 EZ Edit Scanning
        $50 EZ Edit Split Screen
   $75 Labels (Labelsoft Version)
   $75 Labels (My Label Designer Version)
   $75 Signs (Labelsoft Version)
   $75 Signs (My Label Designer Version)
$200 Price Stickers
$200 Eview Database Viewer
$200 Ex3p Database Create Program
$200 EMPO Purchase Order Entry and Edit
$200 ERDS Daily Sales Tracking
$200 Upload to Fil
$200 Upload to IPC
$200 Upload to MAP
$200 Upload to MCL
$200 Upload to MDE
$200 Upload to MFI
$200 Upload to MCR
$200 Upload to MOI
$200 Upload to MIP
$200 Upload to MSD
$200 Upload to MUPC
$200 Upload to MVR
$200 Upload to PIP
$200 Upload to QPIP
$200 Upload to RP

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