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EZ_Software (Fredware) was founded in 1990 by Fred Nichandros to expand the capabilities of the Triad Hardgoods system by connecting it to a PC.

Here are some pictures from the EZ_Software scrapbook that illustrate our company history.  Please email your commants and suggestions to Fred.

c_zeitman.jpg (24097 bytes) Zeitmans True Value in California was the first store to use EZ_Software.  They received a beta test version and suggested many improvements.
c_jfix.jpg (60853 bytes) Here is  John Fix III with his  sister and father.  John helped pioneer the first EZ applications.   His family business is Cornells True Value.   John has also launched an Internet Hosting service, and he is hosting this site among others!
ron.jpg (8033 bytes) At the end of 1990, Fred contacted Ron Ligouri of Cole Computer Products and asked him to market EZ on a national basis.  Mina, Fran, and Ron are shown here.  If you have questions or would like to place an order, call them at (925) 672-9621
c_round.jpg (44674 bytes) Bill Round (left) was the first person to actually purchase EZ_Software.   Here he is shaking hands with Jim Dodson (right), another early user.
c_vince.jpg (28250 bytes) This unknown man was skeptical about the capabilities of EZ_Software.
c_jay.jpg (58578 bytes) Fred (left) meets with Jay Farr (center) and Len Farr (right) of Farr's True Value in Oregon.  They introduced EZ_Software to many people in the Northwest.
c_fred.jpg (69289 bytes) Here is what Fred likes to do when he is not working on EZ_Software.
c_family.jpg (167605 bytes) And here is Fred with his wonderful family (wife Anne and son Eric) 1998.   Eric is only 10 months old in this photo.
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