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For help selecting the Software, Hardware or Supplies you need, call Ron at Cole Computers... 800 222-0039 !!!

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EZ_Software consists of a number of programs which you can download from this page.   Each of these programs is activated by a separate passcode.  You must be on EZ_Level 18 for these programs to work.  If you would like to get a passcode for a product that you are not currently licensed for, you can order it from this web site, or from Ron at Cole Computer Products (925) 672-9621.

If the version number of one of the programs shown below is higher than the version number that appears at the top of your software, you should download the newer program into your EZ directory.

Menu Link Ver Description
EZ Icon ez.ico 1.0 Icon for EZ_Software
dictionary file ez.dct 3/15/06 Dictionary file, used by all programs
EZINSTALL ezinstal.exe 20.01 Helps install the EZ programs
EZCOLOR ezcolor.exe 20.01 Select screen colors for EZ programs
EZ ez.exe 20.03 Terminal and gateway to other functions
AUTOTASK eauto.exe 20.01 Runs or records script files
XDEL edel.exe 20.01 Delete items from MSP, FIL, PIP, and QUE
RDEF edef.exe 20.01 Reads in report definitions from DEF or MFR. 
PC_PRINT eprint.exe 20.04 Download reports from spooler to PC
EDIT eedit.exe 20.08 Create and edit data files
LABELS labels.exe 20.01 Print labels, signs, and price stickers
MLPT mlpt.exe 20.03 Sends labels to Sierra Sport printer
VIEW eview.exe 20.02 View and edit a database (Database created by IMUP)
IMUP ex3p.exe 20.03 Create a database from Triad data
MPO empo.exe 20.07 Upload, download, and edit purchase orders
RDS erds.exe 20.01 Save daily sales figures
TELXON etelxon.exe 20.01 Download data from handheld Telxon  to PC
HHREAD hhread.exe 1.00 Download from Telxon with new "C" chip
EHHREAD ehhread.exe 18.00 Convert data from HHREAD into EZ format
CHECK echeck.exe 20.03 Combine duplicate items in data files and convert UPC's
UPLOAD upload.exe 20.03 Upload any data from PC to Triad
CISDB cisdb.exe 20.03 Convert data from Tru-Serv "CIS" to EZ format
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