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It's easy with a notebook computer and EZ_Marketmaster Software!

Look up sales history instantly!

Calculate your costs as you order at the market!

Add new items to your systems as you order!

Upload market orders directly to MPO!

EZ_Marketmaster Software:

Creates a PC Database on your PC or Notebook.

Uses your notebook as a TRIAD database.

Gain instant access to your sales history and item records.

Use a scanner to read barcodes - You can scan barcodes into your laptop and EZ_Marketmaster will automatically convert them to SKUs. Giving you instant access to your SKU records.

Create the data files at the market for posting to MPO on your TRIAD system when you return home.

Update prices, descriptions, and other records on the spot!

Sort by manufacturer, SKU, manufacturer's part number, item description or UPC code.

Display items on your notebook in two views:
Full Page View: gives you 22 items at a time with a display of each item's sale history and an editable field for your suggested order quantity.
Individual Item Profile View: displays each item with all of the TRIAD fields you have included in your database. Each item record is fully editable.

EZ Software Programs Required:

EZ Workstation Version 18 or higher
EZ Extract TRIAD data extraction program
IMUP. PC database manager
EZ View PC database viewing and editing utility
EZ Edit PC Editor for creating and editing data files

Optional Programs

EZ Upload Posting utility to FIL
Inventory Management Del. Inventory Management software
EZ Edit Scan util. Used for scanning directly into EZ edit.
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